Instant Access to Load Data Anytime, Anywhere

Invoice Immediately, Get Paid Today

Cloud software to make hay hauling easier.

Instant access to current hauling information, metrics, and reporting.

  • Web access to latest information
  • Smartphone apps for tracking and management
  • Best-in-class fast and secure access to data
  • Always available cloud storage

Move ahead of the competition with faster delivery, faster turnaround for payment, and always accurate pickup and deliveries.

Bill of Ladings

No more lost BOLs. All electronic and no more mistakes.

Driver Assignment

Instantly notify drivers of loads. Schedule, communicate, track, electronically.

Verified Weights

Scale ticket photos. Integrated scale information.

Route Mapping & Notification

Visual route information. Notification for all parties of load status.



Active Trucks

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Don't just take it from us, see what our clients say.

Payments for hauling were always at least 30 days out. With Hay Trucker, we've reduced our accounts receivable to an average of less than 3 days

Peter Schwartz

CFO & Founder

I always know where our loads are. When a customer calls me, I can tell them with certainty the location of their load.

Sara Wilson

Operations Manager

My drivers never lose a BOL -- so we always get paid.

Jena Karlis

Hauling Supervisor

Before Hay Trucker, my hay loads always went to the wrong place and I could never find them when needed.

Matt Brandon

Yard Manager

No more scale tickets that I can't read. Always accurate information.

John Larson

Truck Dispatcher



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